Photos from around my house…...

 I can hardly consider myself a blogger anymore, my posts have
been so infrequent.  But I do still really love coming here in this space
I carved out long ago on the now very crowded cyberspace! 
 I hope you appreciate that I only blog when I feel like I have something
to share - I will never be the blogger who has posting schedules,
tutorials, holiday decor/baking/traditions/crafts/cooking……that's
just not going to be me.  This is one place in my life I embrace
being organic - ha!

And let's be honest - no one is inviting me to be a part
of the 'fall home tour' or 'holiday home tour' - 

SO - here is my own holiday/fall home tour!

In all seriousness, my design business has kept me very busy in
client homes.  And as much as I felt my own home
was suffering as a result, I recently took a look around and felt
a bit content so I grabbed my camera before
my prideFULL ego faded and decided to share with you.

I have recently added some touches of red - lest you think I am 
starting to decorate for Christmas, think again, it is purely coincidence!
The red Moroccan rug (on super sale at Pottery Barn of all places) inspired 
the red - I brought it in and really liked the pop of color.  I felt
the red needed some other red friends so added the velvet
embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn too - didn't want to go too
crazy so pulled out my cream sweater pillows from last year for texture
and to temper "Miss Red Velvet".
In my opinion the Schumacher 'Betwixt' is a neutral so 
that one stayed in the mix too.

The white stools are a relatively new addition - they are 
from Restoration Hardware. The family
declared the 'cold to sit on' but enjoy the back rests.
I enjoy the industrial style.

We will decorate for Christmas…..minimally this year.
I am liking my home's energy right now, the thought
of adding stuff just doesn't appeal.  I always love
a tree and natural elements so will keep to doing those things.
I see more red in my future.

Thanks for visiting friends.

I promise to be back soon!

22 comments on "Photos from around my house…..."
  1. Love this Jill!! I have always loved your honesty and blogging style and of course I adore the little sneak peaks into your gorgeous home!!

  2. so warm & welcoming...so beautiful xo

  3. Jill, your home is lovely with many beautiful details. Much prettier than many of homes I see on those blog "home tours." I enjoy your posts very much. I've been feeling a little frustrated in the blogging world lately that I don't have a larger number of commenters, but I do have a loyal following. So I have to just put aside expectations (and not compare my blog to anyone else's) and continue to post things I love and enjoy, things personal to me ... for the sheer pleasure of doing so. It's hard for me to believe I've been doing this for five years now, and still enjoy it. I look forward to more posts from you -- at your own pace, of course!

  4. Beautiful, as always. I love to study your style :)

  5. You may not have been asked to participate in a seasonal home tour but your blog rocks! I love your style and get super excited when you do post. I wish you posted more!

  6. Your home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful style.

  7. Quality over quantity works every time! Gorgeous spaces and I appreciate the pictures. Crafts and how to's are bleh.

  8. Quality over quantity works every time! Gorgeous spaces and I appreciate "just pictures". Crafts and how to's are bleh.

  9. Admiring the red. That rug is yummy and I may have a little rug envy. You make it look all so effortless. Enjoy seeing a post pop into my email from you.

  10. Jill,
    I love your home and your style. It feels fresh and inviting to me. You should have been asked to share your home! :-)

  11. What a lovely, welcoming space. I too adore the Betwixt fabric, it's happy almost everywhere. I also really love your ticking arm chair. I picked one up at a thrift store and reupholstered it to sell, not realizing how hard they are to come by. Now I'm obsessed with finding another for my own house!

  12. I didn't see the new rug shown!! LOVE all your posts. The bar stools look really fresh!

  13. Just lovely. I really like your Pottery Barn rug! Marie

  14. Just found your blog from Pinterest. My, how beautiful. I love your style.

    This past week, my hubby took of two days of work to paint our kitchen. I spent all day Friday repainting the foyer and dining rooms. However, the colors don't look anything like the colors did in the paint store. Ugh! The foyer was supposed to be dark gray and it now has a bluish tint. The dining room was supposed to be taupe but now looks battleship gray. They are beautiful rooms with beautiful, rich, color but they don't blend with my living room which has lots of browns. After looking at several of your posts, I'm thinking I might be able to pull them together with different drapes and different pics, etc.

    Are your white curtains pinch pleats or just on rings? I really like them! White drapes might tone down the browns in my living room.

    Maybe there is hope for a smooth Thanksgiving holiday without another marathon painting session... LOL.

    Thx! I look forward to seeing more posts since I am now following.


  15. I just found your blog. Love your touches of red. Who cares if it's for Christmas or not Your home is beautiful and comfortable looking!

  16. Your rooms are so lovely! I immediately noticed your window panels and woven shades...can you share where you found them, the brand and color? Thanks!

  17. I am totally feeling you on loving the "energy" of your home and not wanting to add much seasonally. Its such a nice space to be and while my home is no where near as polished as yours I wouldn't trade it for all tschotkies in the world. Don't sweat not being invited to any group tours - more freedom to be yourself.

  18. Lovely rooms and refreshingly free of "furniture dandruff":) At this stage of my life, a little goes a long ways. Thanks for posting.

  19. Man, I never get tired of seeing pictures of your beautiful, warm, cozy home! We have backless metal stools and have had them for a few years. I also do not like the coldness and look forward to switching them out!

  20. It all looks beautiful! I am also trying to edit while bringing in more red; guess it warms things up when I start to worry I'm taking too much out :)


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