Style shift…..it happens.


I was going to start this post by saying one of the hazards of being in
the interior design business was always being swayed to change
up your style based upon the latest and greatest trends……
but who am I kidding?  I have always switched up my decor, I get tired,
antsy, enamored by the new and shiny…what can I say?

This spring will mark our 5th year of living in our current home -
that is a record for our family.  We had never lived in any of 
our previous SEVEN homes longer than three years.
Let that sink in.

I am definitely feeling like I am ready to embrace a
cleaner aesthetic - more modern, monochromatic, simpler.
I have some fun plans…..including a remake of
THE famous gallery wall!!! 

I know, crazy talk!!!

Want to see what I am digging?
Check out my Pinterest board HERE!

We are off to enjoy our spring break soaking in some Mexico sunshine!
If you would like to get sick of a bunch of beach, margharita and
taco photos, you can follow along with me on Instagram -
I am jillhinsoninteriors!

Buenos Dias!

5 comments on "Style shift…..it happens."
  1. I'm with you on trends. I get bored, antsy, etc. Gotta try new things--new pretties!!

  2. Didn't you just bring back a more collected look in your office? Now you are leaning minimalist again? I wish I had the opportunity and means to switch things up so frequently.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Actually I painted my office - my 'look' will always be collected. After having been in our home for 5 years - the longest we have lived anywhere, I am looking to make small changes that lean toward a more modern aesthetic - this is my livelihood, and I often sell things I no longer care for and use that money to buy new things - that is how I have the opportunity and means to change things up. Thank you for your feedback. :(

  3. I'm in the process of doing the very same thing. I've been "bleaching" all my khaki walls with BM Swiss Coffee for the past 3 days. The change is incredible! The whole house is going clean and white. Craving a more modern, simpler, uncluttered space. Can't wait to see what you plan to do with your spaces. You have a fab aesthetic!

  4. Well honestly, Jill I love everything you do! I think it's good to freshen up your spaces and as your tastes shift so should your surroundings.


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