More bookshelf styling…..and see my grasscloth-backed shelves!

Are you sick of seeing these bookshelves yet?  I really do have a 
love/hate relationship with open shelves.  While I love styling bookshelves
and of course, I love my collections, I have days when I want to
load it all up and send it to Goodwill….it begins to feel too much.

Recently, I added grasscloth to the backs of my 
built-in bookshelves and I LOVE the warmth
and texture it adds!  I partnered with Walls Republic and chose
a pretty neutral color but they have SO many beautiful 
grasscloths to choose from!!!

I really have tried a lot of different looks with these shelves, 
you can see the different styling looks HERE, HERE and HERE.
The post of my planked back bookshelves is still one
of my most popular posts!

And while the more minimal look works for some, I found
it doesn't for me.  I LOVE the collected look of many books
along with decorative objects - the grasscloth pairs well 
with this look.

Walls Republic has generously offered my readers 10% off your order!

Simply use the code FOREVERCOTTAGE at checkout 
to redeem your discount!!!

**the grasscloth is just one part of a mini-fireplace/built-in's makeover.
Stay tuned for the rest…..soon!

1 comment on "More bookshelf styling…..and see my grasscloth-backed shelves!"
  1. Jill,
    It is your various incarnations of bookshelf arranging that has helped me with mine! I have similar bookshelves as part of an entertainment center (TV) we had built years ago. We have plenty of books but that seemed boring so styling the shelves has been a challenge. Sometimes I really like what I've done and other days, like you, I feel like boxing things up and sending them to Goodwill. I love the grasscloth backs.
    Keep these great ideas coming.


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