The 'She-Shed' trend.....my version!

What can I say, I love to design spaces, so much so that I was inspired by Arhaus to design my version of one of the latest trends, the 'she-shed' (don't get me started on that label, I almost hate it as much as the label 'man cave'), I jumped at the chance to do something for fun and design a space I would love to hang out in myself.   Whatever you want to call it (submit your terms in the comments) I like the idea of a space where people get to indulge in what makes them happy and really just relax - we all need more of that in our life, right?

First, my space would be a light-filled white space like the photo in the upper left corner of my mood board.  I would envision the space to be a gathering space for my girlfriends and/or our friends - a place to drink good wine - Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon preferably (thus the need for the big cooler and vintage inspired Smeg, ideally with a kitchen included to prepare delicious food to accompany the vino.  Yes!  Most  definitely a kitchen, to host cooking classes!  I see hosting celebrations in this space - birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc...Then of course, after all the socializing I will remember that I am an introvert at heart and see this space to be a great place to work and read - or even take a nap!

All the activities mentioned above require comfy furniture - the sofa is from Arhaus and reminds me of a much more expensive style from a store you know as 'RH' but is a fraction of the price.  You can see more from Arhaus HERE.  Many of the other elements are sort of my signatures - vintage rugs layered over natural fiber, art, texture, a bit of vintage .....

Thanks for the opportunity to dream Arhaus!  Now can someone help me make my dreams a reality????

**This is not a sponsored post - I did not receive compensation, all ideas and opinion are my own.

2 comments on "The 'She-Shed' trend.....my version!"
  1. Can you give the details on these side chairs? I love them!

  2. Well, my dream shed is my called my potting shed and studio. Not a fan of the term she shed either. And mine would be a working one where lots of dirt could come in but I could sweep it out. :)


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