Junk Bonanza Project...Sneak Peak....

I have been having a blast with the "Thrifty Mom" challenge project.

Ki Nassauer, founder of the Junk Bonanza, challenged me (yes, little ol' me) to shop one of the sponsors for this years' Junk Bonanza, Arc's Value Village (a local thrift store) for a stylish table setting for eight. I was given a budget of $100. The table will be set and displayed in the Arc's Value Village booth at the Junk Bonanza. Attendees will be able to put their name in a drawing to win all the items on the table! Ki, along with Arc's Value Village, wants to show Bonanza attendees that even on a budget you can find stylish vintage wares for your home.

It has been an honor to work with Ki. I don't know about you, but I was a fan of hers from way back and faithfully read all her columns in Country Home. While I always knew I liked to incorporate vintage in my home - Ki made it "cool" to do so. She is really responsible for giving the word "junk" the meaning it has today as it relates to home-styling. How many of us say we are going "junking" rather than "antiquing"? Didn't our mothers go "antiquing"? Now, us all cool and hip go "junking". Thanks Ki!

So, I have been doing alot of "junking" at Arc's Value Village and have found some fabulous (and stylish) items for the table that will be displayed at the Bonanza.

The chalkboard pictured above is part of the table scape and will be included, along with everything on the table, in the drawing. I made the chalkboard using an old picture purchased at Arc's. The frame was in great shape - even has a burlap (so NOW) matte! I simply removed the less than desirable picture and had a piece of MDF cut to fit, painted it with chalkboard paint and there you have it!

Also above is a close shot of the fabric that really inspired the rest of the table. I was so lucky to find at Arc's Value Village almost 2 yards of a very cool (with fall colors no less) vintage fabric to use on the table. You will have to come to the Bonanza to see just how this fun fabric was used. No worries if you will be unable to attend - I will be posting pictures on the final table scape - complete with lots of natural elements - think cabbage/kale, gourds, pumpkins - after the Junk Bonanza.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday - it was for me - kiddos FINALLY went back to school! While we had a terrific summer, let's just say it was time....

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9 comments on "Junk Bonanza Project...Sneak Peak...."
  1. Great job on the chalkboard and I LOVE the fabrics. Excited to see the completed tablescape either in person or on the blog.

  2. Too fun. Great find on the fabrics. I can't wait to see what you do with them! See you next Thursday. L

  3. How cool that you got to do all of that! And that your tablescape will be on display at Junk Bonanza!!!! Awesome! (didn't mean to use so many '80s words in one comment)

    :) T

  4. It turned out great...I love that it already had the burlap matting.

  5. Fantastic frame you found for the chalkboard. And I'm very intrigued to see what you do with that crazy fabric!

  6. Wonderful! Can't wait to see all your great finds at the Junk Bonanza!


  7. Hi there. I just found you and love everything that I see, starting with your profile. Such a great snippet of your life.
    What an awesome opportunity to get to play along with Ki. Wish I could be there. I'm sure it will be wonderful!


  8. So wish I could be there to meet you...have a wonderful time.
    The chalk board would look perfect in my kitchen :)


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