Junk Bonanza....Chapter Two

Deep breath....ahhhhhh......

Ok everyone, I am feeling the pressure of this post.

You see, the Junk Bonanza was a really fun experience that brought together so many wonderful midwest dealers. It was BIG.

Yes, I took lots of pictures, many of them blurry (sigh). I am really trying to improve my picture taking abilities. My fancy camera is good to me but can only take me so far.

One of reasons the Bonanza was so fun for me is that I got to see lots of dealers who I know personally. I know them because I happen to be a good shopper of their monthly occasional sales....shhhh, don't tell the hubby.

I met Jane Hall of Mustard Moon soon after moving to Minnesota. She hosts a monthly occasional sale here in Minnesota. She also happens to be the friend who introduced me to her good friend Ki Nassauer! Jane's booth took my breath away.

The wonderful oversized finial (or something else?) made of galvanized metal was so cool and sold very quickly!

This is one of my better photos so thought I should include it!

One of the great features of the Junk Bonanza was the local farm stand (Marshall's Farm) that had set up a wonderful space just outside the venue. Marshall's sold all sorts of gourds, pumpkins, mums, produce, homemade jams, soup mixes, breads and salsas. Marshall's also provided all the fresh flowers I used for my table. This family run farm uses organic farming practices and has beautiful produce at their stand. If you live in Minnesota - go see them in Eden Prairie near the airport.

These are a couple pictures I took of the unloading process. I have always been a shopper at flea markets and really did not realize the physical labor involved in setting up for the event. Their were plently of helpful husbands on set-up day!

Loved these corbels - I am a sucker for all architectural pieces!

I also seem to gravitate to garden elements and thought this statue was just so sweet.

My friend Shayne from the brick and mortar store Style Minneapolis was also a vendor at the Junk Bonanza. Her booth featured some of the items from her store and her wonderful jewelry made from vintage pearls, chains and other vintage elements.

Loved these stools.......

These are fun!

I saw lots of cubbies like this one. I really like them but don't have a space or use for them.

This vendor (who happens to be a friend) had a great space. I admired the London Underground sign (hanging in the background).

There you have it...Have a wonderful day everyone!

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6 comments on "Junk Bonanza....Chapter Two"
  1. Too bad no one has come up with a better name for this stuff that "junk", because it is certainly anything but! And "junque" doesn't cut it for me either. That's like calling Target "Tarjhay". It's still the same store!
    You'll eventually get around to showing us what you brought home, right?

  2. Great pictures.thanks for sharing. I'm hoping next year to make it up. I'm only in WI so should be doable.

  3. So enjoyed your photos. I didn't get to see much of the show, so am indulging on all of the great blog posts about the great stuff everyone had for sale. Love Jane's booth too, and saw it as I walked past to the restroom. A great location for sure for some great treasures. She surely knows her junk and how to merchandise it.
    I also got to sneak a peak at your wonderful table setting on the way to the restroom. lol So happy to hear the lucky lady was well deserving of this wonderful tablescape you created. It was truly wonderful and an inspiration to me. I actually went to their New Hope location on Monday and found some great finds.
    Hope to mee you one day here and there at a sale. Tomorrow I'm headed to Jane's sale, as she's a personal favorite of mine.

  4. Jill, I enjoyed looking at your pictures very much. When you have your own booth you miss so much. And when you do get a chance to look, you always feel like you're leaving your post so you don't take it in as much. I actually didn't get any pictures taken of the other booths. My bad! Love the bus sign. Didn't see that at all. Would have loved to have snatched it up as I have always wanted one. Maybe next year? Take care!


  5. It looks like you had a fabulous time!! So many fun and beautiful spaces.


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