What's a girl to do?

Hello friends! Life has been busy around here at the Forever Cottage...kids to get ready for school, parents visiting and oh, that "little" project I have going for the Junk Bonanza (which I will blog about tomorrow - complete with some sneak peek pictures!).

In all my "spare time", I found a very interesting article yesterday in my local Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper titled "Decor or diamonds?".

According to a survey done by Kilz Roller Report (they make a damn fine primer, thank you very much), 85% of women would prefer a $5,000 home makeover to a pair of diamond earrings of the same value! And 88% of men would prefer a $5,000 deck or garage makeover to an expensive watch.

The survey results also reveal:

> While 51% of women don't like the decor in at least one room in their best friend's home, only 55% would tell them so.

And not surprising....

> 66% of men prefer neutral walls over bold colors.

And the one statistic to give us all hope....

> 88% of men say they would invest in home decor to make their current partner happy!

So where do you stand? Diamonds or decor?

I certainly know where I stand, and more importantly so does my hubby...

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5 comments on "What's a girl to do?"
  1. Decor. Definitely! :-)

  2. Decor over diamonds ANY DAY!! Do you KNOW how much could get done around here with five grand?! Of course you do!

  3. hi again!...
    I just had to come back to say than teeny tiny Lewis is still cracking me up!!
    Can I have one?

  4. I love decor - I often have to sneak it in as I am quite certain I could have purchased a serious set of diamond studs for what I have spent around here. That being said, I wouldn't mind a pair of studs too...

  5. You share your home and are eager to please your guest. Diamonds (& I have them) only please yourself.
    Decor. Decor. Decor -- always.


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