~ found

 at Michael's.......
in the dollar bins {do the happy dance}......

p.s. - it snowed this weekend....and still hasn't melted.....winter has officially begun.....NOT too happy about that fact.  Must make hot cocoa in my stylish new mugs....
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  1. I bought some of the FLY ones too! LOVE!!

  2. I too saw these at Michaels - how cute and what a deal! :) -Bliss ~Jan

  3. I'm a big mug fan and those are so fun! I was just at Marshall's the other day and was checking out mugs there too, but nothing really caught my eye. I never really think to look at Micheal's, but now that I know they have them, I'll be looking.

    The snow. I know. It was pretty while it was falling, but I'm definitely not ready for it.

  4. Oh my gosh! These are so cute! And one dollar!! WOW! I need some!
    Have a pretty day!

  5. I bought these too! Thought they were so cute!

  6. I tried to find the stamps but they were all out.

  7. So adorable. I swear the dollar bins have the best stuff sometimes.

    The girls have been enjoying the first snow fall. Lots of fort building, sleding and snowball fights.

    I have to say I'm loving it too. Sunggled up inside with candles flickering, christmas music playing and kids outside . . . hmmmm, heavenly!

  8. I found those the other day also and loved them. I bought a couple of packs of the notecards. Great stuff.

  9. Too funny! I just typed up today's post about finding these same mugs this weekend. I also picked up some of the ceramic monogram balls. Did you see those?

  10. I have a whole set, aren't they wonderful. did you see the note cards and door pulls too???


  11. Oh, my son used to work at Michaels. They actually call those binned item "the impulse items". And the ones with bins down the isles, are called the "Impulse Isle". I don't care what they call them, I love these mugs.

  12. I love them!! Can I come drink cocoa with you?

  13. Hi Jill, What a good deal . . I almost bought them at Michaels instead I bought my first Christmas decorating magazine for the season.
    Enjoy your happy dance! Sandy:O)

  14. Gotta love Michaels dollar bins! I purchased some of these myself. Love what you did with them!

  15. I feel like I'm
    in the movie Sliding
    Doors this morning.
    This is the second
    deal I've missed where
    I was just THERE
    yesterday, fighting
    the herds already. In
    my alternate universe
    I would have seen this
    FIRST. Oh well, they
    are darling and these
    are bound to elevate
    any drink, especially
    cocoa with this week's
    weather! Big hugs,
    today. It was great
    seeing you last week : )
    xx Suzanne

  16. Cute mugs..I saw the Mary Englebrite (sp?) things in the $1.00 bin...cute !

  17. Snow! Love the new mugs. I'm going to have to check out our Michaels.

  18. LOVE your new mugs!! Such a bargain too!! Hugs,Rachel:)

  19. i couldn't believe it when i saw these little cuties either!
    i whiped out my micheals


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