Always about this time of year I find my mind dreaming of house projects, mostly changes and tweaks I want to make in the new year.    Perhaps it's the weather and the amount of time spent indoors?  Whatever it is, this year I find myself craving more color in my home.  I am not talking crazy color, like a red sofa or anything.  More like a move beyond the linen, tone-on-tone that we have seen everywhere FoR. So. lOnG.

I declare Ikat my new "go to" fabric!

 Ikat is graphic.

 Ikat has perfectly muted color variations that provide just the right amount of color in an otherwise neutral palette.

Ikat, the cure to my winter blues!  Is that too much to ask from a fabric?

All fabric swatches were found on a recently discovered online fabric source!

Hope everyone had a wonderul Thanksgiving holiday.  We were at home and enjoyed a yummy meal with some friends in our cottage.  And today, four weeks after breaking my ankle, I was able to get my "ate too much pie" self on an eliptical trainer and actually worked out a bit - a small step towards feeling "normal".

Thanks for visiting my Forever* Cottage, come back later this week....I have a great giveaway planned!
3 comments on "Ikat"
  1. THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful website. I haven't looked at everything but there is some gorgeous stuff there. Have fun Christmas decorating.

  2. Funny, I'm also
    diving into color
    as accents, too.
    I am working on
    an ottoman slip
    from some Suzani
    fabric and also
    bought a yard of
    red IKAT fabric
    to make a lumbar
    pillow. Plus I
    picked up some
    similar type prints
    at IKEA. Must
    be the thought of
    the looooong, gray
    days ahead! Glad
    you are back on
    two feet!
    xx Suzanne

  3. I love Ikat so very much! A lot of things I've bought as of late have had ikat in them somehow and I still want more!


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