holiday craft from an un-crafty gal......

Don't get me wrong, I love gettin' my glue gun on as much as the next gal...... what I lack in patience, I make up for with desire.....I wish I was more crafty!  I am results, not process, oriented.

My friend Jane Hall, owner of Mustard Moon, a crazy good occassional sale shop, is more optimistic than I when it comes to my crafting skills.  When Jane heard I had broken my ankle and may have some spare time on my hands, she asked if I would create some burlap products to include in her holiday sales.

  After purusing the internet for inspiration, I headed to the thrift store for supplies.  I was lucky to find canning jars and some vintage lace.  I paired those items with the burlap sacks I sewed myself, thank you very much, some 18 gauge wire and voila!

These little {vases} can be hung on a cupboard like I did above, on a window sill, on a wall and filled with winter greens or fragrant herbs {like the rosemary in mine}.

If you are in Minnesota, Jane's December sale begins this Thursday!  Check out her blog for details!
12 comments on "holiday craft from an un-crafty gal......"
  1. Hi Jill sorry to hear you broke your ankle! Cute little crafts you mad though! Hope you heal fast and I wish I lived in Minneapolis to got to Jane's sale! Traci

  2. Okay Miss Multi-tasker,
    these are just too cute.
    I can just see you sewing
    and crafting away, your
    foot up on a little stool!
    I love the one on your
    cupboard....Are those real
    xx Suzanne

  3. very cute! I can relate to heavy on results light on patience!

  4. these are seriously cute! I'm so crushing on burlap this Christmas season! You've inspired me!

  5. So cute Jill! You are "craftier" then you think! I pulled out my cute burlap stocking that you made last year...made me think of you! Let me know if you are headed our way for the holidays. We have some serious catching up to do! Allie

  6. Very cute bags...I am not so crafty myself; I can I just don't usually care too saying every art needs those who appreciate and those who buy. That would be me! Except for scrap booking; I like scrap booking. :)

  7. I would love to win the christmas flash cards!

  8. I think you don't give yourself enough crafty credit. Those look great!

  9. jill, adore these!!!! thanks for the *how-to*

  10. Are pleased to come to your blog to read your article! Thank you for sharing!


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