Remember my "bah humbug" post from last week?  I failed to mention that in addition to receiving Christmas cards, I really like the process of creating our family's card. 

When I learned that Shutterfly, my go-to source for our family's Christmas card {for at least the last five years}, was giving 50 free cards to bloggers who posted about Shutterfly I said, "shut the front door, where do I sign up!?" Cause the one thing that I have discovered since living in Minnesota is that everyone sends holiday cards to everyone....like even your next door neighbor!  So my ordering numbers have gone way up since moving here and 50 free cards would certainly help my bottom line, thank you very much.

So dear friends and neighbors....here is a look at the fabulous Shutterfly card you will be receiving from us!  I went with the picture jumble this year - and just the kids.  I go back and forth, sometimes the whole family, sometimes just the kids.  This year is a just the kids kind of year.

And I am not lying when I say, I am a very good Shutterfly customer.  I order photo books from the site and last year ordered calendars for auntie's and grandma's for Christmas gifts!  I am a former scrapbooker and when the guilt of not continuing became overwhelming, Shutterfly's photo books saved me! 

I found that this year Shutterfly has something for everyone! Go check them out!
10 comments on "preparations....."
  1. Such a pretty card. I just did the same post and have ordered my cards - great deal, isn't it. I just found your blog and became a follower.

  2. That's awesome Jill! I will have to check them out.

  3. I love how it turned out. The street sign really puts a personal spin on it.

  4. Hi Jill,
    I was jsut planning on ordering some for Christmas! How do I sign up, too? Can you send me the link? Thanks Jill :) Hope your ankle is healing well!


  5. Sweet Card! I've used Shutterfly for years too...they're great! Thanks for the heads up on the cards...I'm checking it out now.
    Tammy :-)

  6. What a nice card, you have some cute kids too! Sandy:O)

  7. Thanks for the heads ip on Shutterfly! I have been using them for a few years, but I haven't done anything blogwise or photowise since summer and never saw the offer! This will be the incentive to start blogging again!

  8. Darling montage,
    Jill! I also
    flip-flop on the
    year it was all
    the Griswolds, this
    year it will just
    be the younger ones : )!!
    Hope your ankle is
    on the mend!
    xx Suzanne

  9. Oh Jill, you have saved me from ordering my cards from a much more expensive website! Shutterfly has many designs, just as cute for a much lower price! As of today, my cards have been ordered and they won't be late!

  10. LOVE IT! You just helped me with my final decison about whole family or just the kids this year,,,it will be just the kids :) So great to see you the other day, I wish we lived closer! Have a great Turkey day


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