Barn House in photos.....

Of course, the Barn House sale did not disappoint. 

I had really missed shopping vintage sales in the Pacific Northwest.....
and every summer away vowed I would not miss another
Barn House sale....little did I know that THIS year I would be lucky
enough to be living back in Portland and getting to Battleground was 
a short 40 minute drive north! Yippee!

There was vintage goodies galore - linens, and jewels and chippy goodness!

Joe and Jermonne have created such a peaceful, serene and gorgeous farm. It was inspiring to walk through their gardens and so entertaining to watch
their many animals in the small pasture they were left with after the larger pastures
were mowed for additional sale parking.

The entertainment was fantastic!

The weather was perfect!

I struggled with my purchases..... but in the end I brought home
a few things I am completely happy with.

Funny story.....I purchased this iron garden cart pictured below.....
It is currently behind my sofa in our great room....it is my attempt at a
non-sofa table, sofa table.....do you know what I mean?  Let me explain.....

I strongly dislike looking at the naked back of a floating sofa.....
but I also strongly dislike most traditional sofa tables.....
I am trying to find something that isn't a traditional sofa table, a vintage piece
that will shine behind my sofa.....

For now, this is it....while it may not stay, I am happy with my
purchase because I love it and know that it will work
either inside or out in my home!  Sort of goes along with
the often offered advice....buy what you love.

After I made my purchase I brought a friend to the vendor's booth, 
proud to show her my treasure.  Well my friend asked me if the cart
looked familiar......cause our mutual friend had sold it to
the dealer out of her home because she was moving!
So....I bought my friends table!

While the shopping was great, the best thing about my day at Barn House
was spending time with friends, both old and new....
friends like this girl,  who inspire me in photography and cooking, and 
this bubbly girl who has a big heart and makes a mean margarita, and 
this beautiful blogger friend from Minnesota who happened
to be visiting her parents in the Northwest and joined me for the
day at Barn House......
And of course, 'the boys', who make everyone feel welcome
and whose own zest for life and love seems to rub
off on the hearts and minds of everyone them.
Good juju all around!

10 comments on "Barn House in photos....."
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  2. so great to see you again this past weekend Jil! Thanks for hanging out in the "trailer park" with me!! Tee hee hee!!
    xooxox, Tiffany

  3. LOVE your cart!It looks perfect there~ Sounds like a blast at BH!! xo Rachel

  4. the cart looks perfect! unconventional yet so perfect at the same time. glad you had fun!


  5. so glad you took pictures! Wish I could have been there! Love your table!!! Funny story! xoxo

  6. I love "my" table in your home with your goodies on it! Lisa did a fabulous job with the glass! Looks so much more at home in your living room then my patio!! Allie

  7. oh the table looks great...like it was made for the spot. fighting feelings of jealousy right now! so glad y'all had fun:) see how i casually threw in that y'all? almost like i'd been doing it my whole life...HA!

  8. What a sweet day it was! That's pretty funny about the table, love it. Sorry I missed bumping into you...again!

    : )

    Julie M.

  9. we are so happy you could finally make it to one of our shows!!! we MUST plan a very fun happy hour with the crew before summer is over. let's do it!


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