Hee Haw! or Hee Naw! ~ Cowhide Rugs

I love the look of a white/cream cowhide rug layered over a seagrass or sisal rug.

In the "design plan in my mind" for my living room, I have a gorgeous white
cowhide layered over the seagrass area rug currently in the room.

I even found a perfect cowhide at Ikea this week.....

But I can't do it.

As much as I love the look, it feels weird to have a cow on the floor of my
living room.  Having a animal loving 13 year old doesn't help either, she
is dead {excuse the pun} set against it!

So what say YOU?

Like me, do you both love the look AND find it disturbing as well?

Or do you love the layered look it lends to the room?

**All images via Pinterest!

11 comments on "Hee Haw! or Hee Naw! ~ Cowhide Rugs"
  1. i am SO with you on this. i love the look, but i can't bring myself to do it. as it is i don't even eat beef.... so why would i want to decorate with it?

  2. I eat meat and I wear leather... my car seats are leather and i sit on them everyday... so I guess I'm not opposed?

  3. Im with you Jill..cool look but ewww...lol xo

  4. no, do it!!! I have had 3 hides and I LOVE them!!! Seriously, I want a zebra now! Do it Jill, do it! xoxo

  5. I say layer to your hearts' content. We eat beef....why not recycle the hides??

  6. Thank it is great design, the layering of texture but not for me. It's kinda like the antler thing, where I grew up...you had hunting trophies on the wall to show your success...what do I have vintage green and white matte MaCoy....never said I was daring!

  7. Hi
    I love the look of cowhides too, but like you, have some very opposed friends and relatives who are vegans. Overstock.com has some great alternatives to realy cowhides. They are faux cowhide and no cow had to give his hide for it :) Type in "Rawhide Rug" it comes in a couple different color options and are ~$188.00.

    They have great reviews and Emily A Clark bought one and she loves it...check out her post here:

    Good luck on whatever you choose! Sincerely,

  8. It is very "now". I think you may tire of it quickly.

  9. We drove 200 miles to Ikea and once I actually felt it... I couldn't do it! But I still love the look.

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