Mother's Day.....

Have you read Stephanie Nielson's book, Heaven is Here?

Despite being a huge fan of her blog and thinking I knew
all there was to know about her horrible plane crash and wonderful
family, I recently finished reading her book.  I couldn't
help myself, Stephanie's fight to survive to once again mother her children
was nothing short of inspiring.

I read Stephanie's book because, like her,
I too believe motherhood is my greatest blessing. 

 I distinctly remember that feeling of empowerment 
upon the birth of each
of my girls' along with the overwhelming sense of pure
love, love for someone and something I had never felt before.

As I reflect back on my first years as a mother, I am ashamed to admit
that I attributed my success as a parent to what I could 
accomplish - "look I can breast feed AND make dinner", "look I can
teach her to walk", "look, she is completely potty trained by age 3" etc.....
I was fulfilled and selfishly proud of how timely and 
efficiently I could meet
my baby's and toddler's each and every need
{on most good days, anyway}.
Perhaps the remnants of the 'career woman' in me defined
success as a completed to-do list?  Nonetheless,
I was feeling pretty proud of myself - {barf!}.

As my girls are getting older, my perspective and outlook
has changed dramatically.  Parenting and it's purpose has shifted.
And to some extent, the stakes are higher.
Not only am I charged with these two innocent beings survival,
I am charged with helping them to become the very best version
of who they are meant to be. Of course, I knew
this responsibility way back when they were born but
in some way I thought, "oh there is plenty of time for that
stuff, right now I have diapers to change!"

My daily thoughts now seem to be consumed with how best to
raise kind, respectful, loving, faithful, moral, intelligent,
creative, wisdom-seeking, curious, fun-loving, sensitive,
strong, polite, spiritual, thoughtful, smart, passionate children.
{Although on many days, I just want them to
be children that clean their rooms, 
pick up their socks
and perhaps put their dishes in the dishwasher - 
am I really asking too much?}

{the two beauties who MADE me a mother}

When in the moments the responsibility becomes almost
overwhelming, I remember the fabulous examples of fine women I
was raised by, and the friends who I try to surround 

myself with{heeeeeyyy, Radish girls!}.  Knowing that
the behavior and example I model is most likely the strongest
influencer in the raising of my girls' is something I am
very mindful of, each and every day.  Am I perfect? No!

But on this Mother's Day, I can say this.
I have two amazing daughters who make me exceedingly
proud to be their mother.  I genuinely like love hanging 

out with each of them. I am grateful for them
each and every day - because ultimately, they
have made me become the very best version
of who I was to be, a mother.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, we will see you Saturday!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

6 comments on "Mother's Day....."
  1. Love this post Jill! Perfectly said! Happy mothers day to you!

  2. A beautiful post! Thank you ever so much for sharing. Happy Mothers Day to you. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  3. beautiful! xoxo, can't wait to see you!

  4. Happy Mother's Day sweet friend! You are truly one of the best! I hope those girls (and their daddy) spoil you rotten! Enjoy!

  5. *Sniff* Happy Mother's Day Friend!

  6. ohhhh what a lovely sentiment! xo



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