got tassels?

I blogged about my teen girls room back in August.

What I did not show you in the post was a picture of the 
wall above her bed.......because in was BLANK.

I had struggled finding something to hang above her bed
that she agreed to - 'cause teenagers have this pesky problem,
they have oodles and oodles of opinions!

I was just about to the point of giving up,  - {if she wanted a blank well
above her bed, who am I to stop her} - when I found
these tissue tassels on Etsy and knew I had 
found something we could agree on!

My teen is fun-loving, sort of crazy, always happy
and a little out of ordinary - just like these tassels!

I ordered mine from Pomlove on Esty.  I was even able
to send a picture of my girls' bedding so the
tassel colors matched what we already had 
going on in there!

As they say, "happy teen, happy life"!

3 comments on "got tassels?"
  1. Oh how funny! 2 people 2 blogs the same thoughts and ideas
    Just saw you on the side bar of Shine your Light...
    And the title was tassels...
    I just made my tassels... they are a bit different than yours...
    But I thought it was so funny and I was curious and so wanted to give you a visit and say hi!

    Have a lovely day!


  2. wow, so cute!! I just looked up the shop, and it's awesome they are from PDX! :) thanks for sharing- the tassels are adorable. So unique and fun.


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