Botanical Study at Ikea....for $19.99!

Botanicals, oh how I love you in every form......
prints, groupings and studies....

Yesterday I was in Ikea - I don't get there often
and truth be told, that is okey dokey with me.  
However, I was downright giddy when I stumbled upon
Ikea's $19.99 botanical study reproduction.
I could totally design a room around this piece -
the colors are gorgeous!

The only negative is that the material is sort of plastic-y but
for $19.99 you just can't go wrong!  I thought long
and hard about where I would hang this in my home
but I came to the sad conclusion that I just don't have
a place for it.

You can a peak in the photo below of the vintage
botanical study I purchased at Farm Chicks in June.
It hangs in a narrow hallway that is hard to photograph
so you are just going to have to deal with seeing 
half of it. sorry.

So run, don't walk, to Ikea to get yours!

4 comments on "Botanical Study at Ikea....for $19.99!"
  1. that pic of your house looks like it's out of a magazine!

  2. sweet! i love that ikea is constantly surprising me. love that botanical, and thanks for the heads-up!

  3. I like the Ikea one... but I LOVE yours!

  4. Very cool. I love them. I love yoour home...so beautiful. I really need to take myself to Ikea so many great things are showing up.


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