Client Project: Sisters sharing a space!

Carlie's Space/Teen room

I am lucky to be working with a local client on designing a
space for her two daughters who share a bedroom.  What makes it extra fun....
and where I bring some credibility, is the girls are the same ages
as my girls!

While  I love to design kid spaces - this project is challenging!  I need
to be able to satisfy two different personalities and different ages!
Luckily, the room is large and allows me to  design two different living
spaces that meet each girl's needs and wants in terms of use and color.

The design board above is for the 13 year old's side of the room.  I love
using inspirational art for kids this age!  It was also important that
she have 'hang-out' space for her and her friends and accessories
for a dressing table that is built-in to the space.  She
also wanted flexibility to have framed photos of her friends and family
so I included Ikea's picture ledges into the plan, they will allow
her to add the photos and frames she wants and change them
out easily.

The bedding in PB Teen and the rug is from Dash & Albert -
quite sophisticated in black and white!

I'll be back soon to show you the 10 year old sister's space!

3 comments on "Client Project: Sisters sharing a space!"
  1. OMG, I have the same Albert and Dash rug in my powder room, love it,

    Lovely design board.

  2. So excited for you, Jill! Love that you are following your dream. Hey, when are we going to have that lunch we talked about?


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