Week one of summer vacation for my children
is in the books.....we survived, it was good.
I have no reason to complain, at 11 and 14 years
old my girls are pretty darn independent, besides
driving them here and there, they are very
easy to entertain.

What is different for us is that this summer is that
momma is working....
You see, I had a dream and decided to
go for it, it's that simple.
My interior decorating/blogging business
has sort of found some traction
and is keeping me busy.
I seriously pinch myself.

I am doing what I love and loving it.
So can I really consider it work?

I am living proof that life has many seasons.....
and I am ready to live fully in each
and every one of them.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.

4 comments on "Thankful....."
  1. My husband went from a successful businessman to a professional artist at 55. He has never looked back and some years has earned more than I earned as a teacher.

    It is never too late!

    And, my husband loves what he is doing so he doesn't think of it as work.

    Good luck and congratulation.s

  2. That is awesome!! Congrats! And no I don't think you are allowed to call it work. HA! ;)

  3. Jill, Enjoy the ride!! I was in the business for over 30 years and loved every minute of it. I fell into it after being asked to come to work for a local designer and the rest is history. It is a wonderfully fun, fulfilling job and if that is where your passion is, you will thrive. Good luck!!

  4. I am right there with you! I left teaching and am now painting furniture full time. I sit in my workshop and cannot believe I get to call doing what I love a "job". Enjoy!!


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