Pretty photo and winners.....

This photo has nothing to do with this post except that it calls out 
my peculiar cat-eyed glasses collection......no explanation for it, but I have
quite a few......Most are collected in a cup on my desk but I have 
a couple favorites set here and there.....
Hmmm.....So I guess the photo
does have something to do with this post - glasses can make a
fashion statement for sure -  And while I am not brave enough to 
rock these cat eye's, I think they do look marvelous set a top
my Domino book.

Ok, enough of my un-puncuated drivel.....

Congratulations to Kerri, Sandy Peterson and Deborah!
You have each won a spot in Paige's e-course!
Please email me at jillbeth{at}aol{dot}com!

Come back tomorrow so I can show you my favorite
Farm Chicks Show purchase....

2 comments on "Pretty photo and winners....."
  1. Oh how I wish I could pull of cat-eyed glasses! I just don't have the right face shape for it but really wish I did.

  2. Darn, I didn't see your last
    post soon enough to enter.
    Sounds like a fun course!
    YOU should be leading one,
    too ~ both for personal and
    home fashion! Congrats to
    your winners.....

    xo Suzanne


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