A room update for my high school girl....

Gone are the days where I get to choose every design element
for my girls' rooms.  How I would LOVE for them to give me free-reign, however, 
 I also strongly believe that their rooms should be a 
reflection of them and be a place that they have a hand in creating!  

My oldest is a freshman in high school this year - hard to even
type that - but 'tis true.  She is a good student and in past years
did her homework in the kitchen after school.  But this year, 
she really wanted a dedicated homework space in her
room - with after school sports and activities she
was finding that she liked to do her homework in 
her cozy room - normal teenager for sure!

In order to make this happen, I headed to Ikea, my favorite source
for great teen/tween bedroom furniture!  There are just so many
creative ways to use Ikea pieces.  Our needs for this space were simple -
storage, desk/computer space and display space. 

We ended up getting this desk, these shelves and this cute
storage cart {we already had the chair}.  And yes,
that's a printer on the floor under the desk - cords and all!
Just keepin' it real!

My girl loves it  and that's most important.


** Thanks for all the nice comments on my planked
walls - there were many questions on how I did it and 
what materials I used, I promise I will do a post
that answers all your most asked questions!

1 comment on "A room update for my high school girl...."
  1. Love it! Looks so great and perfect for that teen girl of yours!!


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