Gallery Walls......*the more is better version.

Recently, I have been asked about the {ever growing} gallery
walls in my own home so I thought I would show
you my FEARLESS walls and what they look
like currently {as of an hour ago}.

Everything on these walls is meaningful to our family.  My 
children are 15 and 11 years old so the photos of them
go back that long - some of the prints pre-date my
children and were collected long ago - the tulip print
in the foreground came from an art museum where I
worked when I was 28 years young.  Many of
the items were found at flea markets all over the 
country and could tell stories about where I lived
at the time and who was with me when I purchased it.
Other pieces are from Anthropologie, Ballard Designs
and local boutiques too.

Patience pays when creating gallery walls - I always tell clients
to include meaningful things to them, photos, art, objects, mixed frames
 - there are no rules, and if you think there are, break them!  
I doubt the gallery wall police
will be showing up at your door!

I know this look isn't for everyone but it suits us
and brings me tremendous happiness to look at
all those pretty memories.....

17 comments on "Gallery Walls......*the more is better version."
  1. Your gallery walls look great! I love the mix and the impact of such a large area.

  2. I recently started a gallery wall in our entry way and have had so much fun slowly adding more items to it. It's so fun finding those meaningful items and watching the wall grow! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  3. I love the little silver round frame with the initial on the bottom part of your stairwell. Do you remember where you got it?? Thanks!!!

    1. It was from a local boutique - I have seen them elsewhere in smallish boutiques/gift stores. Good luck!

  4. I've started a gallery wall in my diningroom...yours is wonderful!

  5. I think it's amazing! I've just been doing a gallery wall in our bonus room. It's fun.

  6. Well I'm pretty sure if the gallery wall police do show up at your door they are going to give you a citation for being AWESOME!

    I couldn't love it more. Well, that's a lie. I'd love it more if it were in my house. Well done!!!

  7. It looks like something out of a magazine. Great job!
    Just when you thought

  8. This is a gifting. You know that right??

  9. Such a lovely display and I love that they all have meaning.

  10. Beautiful display. I am just now in the process of creating our stair way of photos. Good source of inspiration this post.


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