More on gallery walls.....

You all go crazy for a good gallery wall, true story.

I posted the photo above on my Instagram feed last week
and I got so many comments and 'likes', I thought
it should get a starring role on the blog today.

The wall above is actually in a client's home - the family
of six have lived in the home for almost 10 years and 
collected lots of family photos but had not been 
brave enough to hang them going up their stairs.
Along came me and my gallery wall whispering skills
and the rest is gallery wall history.

My own home's gallery wall post is still one of my most
popular blog posts - you can see it HERE.

And my home's gallery wall was even featured
on CNN.com! {see below!}

I have tried many methods for getting a gallery wall 
'just right' but mostly I just sort of layout the pictures/art/objects
on the floor and start hanging.  Sometimes the end product
is executed accordingly to the original plan and 
sometimes what ends up on the wall looks nothing
like what I laid out on the floor.  It's
hard to explain how to hang your art and photos
both symmetrical but also asymmetrical all at the 
same time - make sense?  Striking a balance is key.

Happy crazy Monday!

1 comment on "More on gallery walls....."
  1. Wishing you were here in my home, as I am about to embark on creating a gallery wall for our stairway. You have a true talent!


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