I'm not even kiddding....

Confession time:

We have lived in our current home for THREE years and I have
painted our front door THREE different colors.....
I totally have better things to do with my time, but it
is a simple project and the just 'right' color to go with
our SW 'Sea Salt' house has been elusive.

Last week, I trusted my gut, went to my comfort zone - that 
'works for me' place that a woman with my 'experience' {ahem}
knows she should have done in the first frickin' place!

I decided to get all fancy and demonstrate my theory and reasoning with photos.

You see, if my house were an outfit {with it's previous red door}, it would look
like this cute red head on the left.  It's a perfectly fine outfit but one you 
would just never catch me wearing, too much going on
 - especially the red pants....It's, umm, a bit
too flashy for moi!

I am more of a classic white shirt and jeans kind of gal - so I went with
that look for my newly painted front door {and only WISH I was that skinny}!  

I look forward to letting the paint cure another 
week so I can put a wreath on the door {I was just
too impatient and wanted to announce to the world my crazy ADD when 
it comes to front door colors}.  

In all seriousness - I LOVE accessories, when
it comes to dressing myself and dressing my home - the neutral door color 
allows for more flexibility when it come to accessorizing my front porch.
3 comments on "I'm not even kiddding...."
  1. I liked the door red but like it even more cream. What is the cream called and what paint did you use?
    Thank you

  2. Looks great! I have an idea should you decide to paint it again! Ha ha! What about pulling some of the grey from the brick and a few shades darker than the grey in the house color?! Looks great as you have it though and I know what a pain painting doors is! Nice job!

  3. I liked the red too! A nice pop, but if your'e not comfortable with it then the cream is pretty too.


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