My Forever*Cottage Garden…..

Gardening is a lot like decorating your home - it's mixing 
textures, colors, contrast and scale.  So it's no wonder
that I have always loved gardening.  This season of my
life is very busy with my teen girls so I feel like I don't
have as much time to devote to my gardening. But,
pruning and planting and being out in my garden
 brings me great joy and is really
a form of relaxation for me.

The Pacific Northwest is a great place to garden - we really have
a 12 month growing season so it seems there is always pruning
and dividing and editing to be done.  Plants grow like crazy!

Our yard is small and believe it or not has NO grass!
Yes, it's true.

 Our front yard slopes down and is planted with a mix of spirea, boxwood,
hydrangea and other perennials - day lilies, lavender and ornamental grasses
{a combination I love}.
 Despite it's small size, we are lucky our home backs to 
a wooded area and has an empty 'greenspace' to one side so it
feels very private.

Our backyard has a brick patio that runs the length of our house.
We have room for a fire pit with adirondack chairs around it
and a teak table and benches to accommodate bit groups
of outdoor diners.  The yard is terraced which means 
there is really three levels - the patio level, a upper garden area and
then an additional level where the wooded area is along with 
a trampoline area for our girls.

I have lots of hydrangea in the back - 'Endless Summer' and some
Oakleaf hydrangea.  I also have been adding boxwoods
along with ornamental grasses.  I love mixing textures!

We have two sets of french sliding doors along the back of our house 
and provides a great view of the garden!

As this garden has evolved over the three years we have
been here, I have noticed I gravitated toward planting
a pretty monochromatic color palette.  I would
like to add some more vibrant colors in the future.

Right now we are experiencing VERY hot temps -
I look forward to the cooling the weatherman is calling
for later in the week so I can have the windows and doors open!

3 comments on "My Forever*Cottage Garden….."
  1. Let me tell you that while I love this hot weather in the PNW right now (I'm in the Seattle area) it has not been my friend in the garden. I have lost several of my plants due to dehydration even though I am watering twice a day!!

    I recently saw oakleaf hydrangea in person and am now OBSESSED with it and need to add it to my collection. I have a slight addiction to hydrangea and love being in the garden and yours does not disappoint!

  2. beautiful jill...your a lucky girl :)

  3. Lovely! Did you paint the outside of your house? One of the pictures showed a sneak peak and I'm dying to see more pics! Please post soon! I am wanting to paint my own house a dark color and would love to see more of yours to help me decide what color :)


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