Greek Basil Topiary

As the wise Dorothy once said, "there's no place like home".  
'Tis true - I am a homebody.  After a very busy month
 with lots of travel, most recently a soccer
tournament in San Diego this past weekend, I am home 
for the remainder of the summer. Woop!

On my trip to Trader Joe's on Tuesday to stock
a neglected pantry, I discovered they were carrying
these Greek Basil Topiaries!  

I first bought one of these little cuties at Home Depot back
in the spring.  I enjoyed it's fragrance in my kitchen and
cutting it's petite basil leaves for use in any
recipe that called for traditional basil.

With my tomato plants beginning to produce, this pretty
plant will be fun to use in my favorite caprese salads!

You can learn more about this pretty/useful plant HERE.

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