Living Room Reduex……and I can do the same for you! {TWO August spots available!}

I received the photo above from my sweet e-design client in
preparation for our work together on her living room.

This room probably looks a lot like one in your own home - it has 
the basics - the popular Ikea Ektorp sofa, an equally popular
World Market coffee table, some random tables and one
lone lamp begging for friends!

The room has a lot going for it, besides the basics I mentioned above -
great windows/light, a gorgeous piece of art and it's relatively 
generous size.

My client knew she wanted her young family to use this room more -
for reading and playing games - so it had to be casual and inviting
but also have a sophisticated elegance as it was the room immediately
off their entry space.

Because budget is always important for my clients,
we were keeping the Ektorp sofa and coffee table.
What we concentrated on 'fixing' was updating
paint color,  hanging drapes on every window, a larger
area rug and some additional seating.

kruger2 Living Room

What I really wanted to give this client's space was the feeling of warmth -
a space that you could not help but feel comfortable in.  For that, I 
included lots of texture, warm woods and comfortable textiles.
I think this design accomplishes that!

Thank you to my brave{and really fun} client for allowing me to share her
photo and design board!


I have had some changes to my August design queue - and 
find myself with TWO openings for e-design clients!

If you are ready to cozy up a space in your home and would
like my help, please email me at jillbeth@aol.com.
And we can get started in August - hardly any time to wait!

I will honor the summer special I was running in June -
which means a one room design board is $200!
2 comments on "Living Room Reduex……and I can do the same for you! {TWO August spots available!}"
  1. Jill, I LOVED this process with you. The room is essentially a blank slate/catch all/island of misfit furniture right now and having you help me with a vision for the room took so much pressure off figuring out where to start and the source list has kept me from feeling overwhelmed with ALL the possibilities. I really appreciated how you worked with our existing pieces that needed to stay, budget and my vague vision of the space - finished but not formal. I would (and likely will!) do it again in a heartbeat.

  2. Love all the pieces. It will look great when done.


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