Lately life has been full….certainly not any fuller than yours, but I am
sure you understand….the good, the less-than-good, obligations, choices,
socializing, working, worrying, being a friend, being a momma, a wife, 
cooking, cleaning, planning, celebrating….you get the idea.

This season of life with teenagers is much of what
I expected but different in so many ways…I find myself wanting
to hold on to the moments for just a moment longer, to take a mental
picture of the significant and insignificant events, to be present {whatever 
that means}, mostly I just want it all to slow down a bit so I can enjoy it more.
Young momma's I am hear to proclaim - THE TEEN YEARS ROCK!

Ok…how about some photos of what's been going on around here….
The transition of our living room to my office/design studio is mostly done.
I am definitely loving the space and having a place to work!
I will have a post coming soon - I promise!
We have celebrated many BIG family events - my 16 year old got her driver's license {yikes!},
my youngest officially became a teenager and is definitely my 'fashionista' and creative soul - she
loves drawing, going to theatre and having a reason to get dressed up.  My husband and I
celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary -{I was a child bride}.  As you can see,
we are total romantics…..
Clients……I am still amazed people hire me to do what I love.  2015 began with many calls
and emails from people wanting to make their homes beautiful….they have kept me
busier than I ever imagined and have allowed me to learn, grow and dig deep for 
creative inspiration…..I never imagined that I would have a design business, but
I believe I do!

And finally, a reminder to all you Portland friends…..
PLEASE, go to the Caitlin Wilson Trunk Show
at Christopher David in the Pearl District in Portland
either tomorrow {Friday} or Saturday.

I am heading to LA for the weekend - 
taking my new teenager for a girls getaway with 
some friends to see Ariana Grande in concert and then to Disneyland!

Hope life is giving you lots of the good stuff!

2 comments on "Lately…..."
  1. Yes, girl you better enjoy it all while you can. Those teen years do not last long! Congrats on your anniversary!! Hope you celebrated in a big way. And finally, have fun with your daughter in LA. What a great way to celebrate. :) Love love your foyer photo.

  2. I think it's time you realize how talented a designer you. Stop being surprised that people want your magic, artistic and amazing touch on their homes!


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