Thoughts on the meaning of 'home'…..#lovethehomeyouhave

"You can love your home. Yes, the one with flaws, everyday messes, 
and maybe even a mix of hand-me-down furniture. Sure, it has 
some shortcomings, but it also has a lot going for it -
it's where your life, relationships, and 
dreams are being shaped" 

- Melissa Michaels of the Inspired Room blog and author


Those words above are powerful!  You can't imagine
the number of times I show up for a design consultation
with a new client and I can really feel their 
shame, embarrassment, discontentment and 
unhappiness with their home - the apologies and 
explanations why 'we have never done anything with 
this room' flow fast and furious……it makes me
sad and hopeFULL and grateFULL that I 
have been chosen to help them feel contentment
and happiness in and with their homes.  

I have early memories of noticing surroundings, decor and how
spaces made me feel……I grew up in pretty modest homes.
While my mom liked a tidy and nice home, our homes were
not overly decorated and we had second-hand furniture
long before Craigslist…..But I remember a neighbor 
who customized a basement space with
architectural salvage and period pieces -
'fancy furniture'.  My mom worked at private
school that was located on a former estate property -
the formal gardens and grand architecture were 
not lost on me - I imagined what it had looked
like when the wealthy Chicago meat-packing 
family made it their home…..exquisite, I am certain!
My great-grandma lived on a farm with a cute white
farmhouse with wonky floors and Jenny Lind beds and
cats and gardens galore!  I loved visiting that farm,
while not fancy, being there felt like a big hug.

When I married my husband, our first apartment was a loft in
the city and we saved and bought a LARGE cream-colored
leather {gasp!} sectional….it's what I imagine a young
professional couple, living in the city should furnish their
loft with….of course my tastes have evolved and changed, ebbed
and flowed a million times since then…..but, very early
on I was a collector….Even when I was sitting on that 
leather sectional - my husband and I spent many
weekends at flea markets…those days I collected
colorful Fiestaware and other chippy stuff 
that caught my eye……When I ditched my career
at 31 years young and decided to become a mom,
my desire to create a H-O-M-E for our family
became overwhelming and a necessary part of 
my life, almost like breathing….And I'll admit,
all of my home-making pursuits were not successful or
was I always pleasant like a "Susie-homemaker"….
I blame the hormones and that's my story.

So I guess what I am saying is that fluffing, nesting, decorating,
styling, arranging, painting, baking, burning candles, setting
a table, creating a mood, gardening, entertaining has ALWAYS been
in my blood……even when I didn't really know it was.

Below is a little glimpse at my latest obsession creation,
my design studio/office….it really is filled with things
that make me happy, are meaningful to me and our
family….. Many of the objects included in the space
would not make sense to a fancy-pants 
interior designer, but they make sense to me.
{I can't even explain my cane collection!}

When I work with clients, I try to focus on how I can help enhance
what is already there in my client's spaces….My clients often
are not able to clear a room and start from scratch and truth be told,
that's not the work I want to do.  Ultimately, I want to leave
a project with a happy client, a client who feels 200% better about
their home, a client who is excited to have a dinner party,
host their daughter's graduation party…..a client who ultimately
is happy and content in their home……Sometimes this goal
is reached by extensive renovations and new furniture but often
this goal is reached by a couple trips to Homegoods and arranging
a bookshelf…….It's giving the client permission to LOVE 
having grandma's vase displayed, to paint the wall, to hang
their pictures a tad bit lower {serious people!!!}……
Ultimately, it's honoring the family that lives their, their
lifestyle and priorities.

My blogging pal, Melissa Michaels,  who I quoted above has written a book that 
talks eloquently about creating a home you love.  I have just finished
reading her words and I seriously wish I could show up to
every design consult with her book LOVE THE HOME YOU HAVE
in hand to give to my client!  It is a must read for those who
feel anxious, unsettled and unhappy with their home.

You can go HERE to view the book trailer and 
learn more about this phenomenal, real life applicable book.

Then go HERE and get yourself a copy!!!
{especially if you are or are going to be my client - ha,
just kidding…..maybe not!}

Hey look!  I am blogging…..kinda like riding a bike!
I have missed you….are you still here???

3 comments on "Thoughts on the meaning of 'home'…..#lovethehomeyouhave"
  1. I can relate! I was always dreaming early on of how I'd spruce up a space and decorate it if I lived there! :) I'm glad you found your niche and are able to help others see the possibilities for their homes. Thanks for writing this. Would love to read Melissa's book!

  2. Great post. I wish I had owned Melissa's book back when we started out. Through the years I've learned that we are each different in our own list of what makes our home happy and comfortable. I'm very content now with our home, I still enjoy changing things within, but its a peaceful feeling to come to the place where you realize your home, just as it is, is someplace you like to be!
    I haven't purchased Melissa's book yet but I love the premise and it's on my Mother's Day wish list.

  3. Your office is beautiful! Melissa's book is great -- I am currently hosting a giveaway of her book on my blog, Mom Home Guide!


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