Happy May Day everyone!

As I have mentioned on this blog before, the kitchen of our cottage was created for an episode of an HGTV kitchen renovation show (before we purchased the house). The kitchen is wonderfully unique...but akward in some places and a bit short on storage.

Needing a place (or cabinet, more specifically) to store some of my larger appliances, I removed a glass panel from one of the cabinets and replaced it with a not-so-great linen "mistreatment".

I was NEVER satisfied with outcome but liked it better than looking at this....

This week, I got a bee in my bonnet so to speak and got to work...with this!

And did a little of this.....

And now have this wonderful new addition to my kitchen....

With just about 5 weeks left before school gets out for the summer, I am on a mission to accomplish some house projects. I look forward to sharing those with you here. How about you? Do you feel the same sense of urgency to get some things done before the summer comes?

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  1. wonderful solution!!
    gotta love chalkboard paint...

  2. Looks great! Love the Chalkboard paint!


  3. I always love some chalkboard paint!! It looks great!

    And yes, in fact, I issued a procrastinators challenge on my blog for that very reason....so much do to I need some deadlines! I'm sanding some chairs right now (well, after I finish checking in on some blogs) :-)

  4. Jill,
    Thanks for sharing... I'm starting to see what the thrill is over chalkboard paint now. Looks great.

  5. what a handy redo...one that looks great and will also be incredibly useful.
    chores, grocery list, love notes...

  6. Great project! I am planning a project with chalkboard paint and have been debating what kind to buy. Seems you've had success with rust-o-leum.

  7. I have seen this on other blogs and in magazines. I love the effect. I may just have to find something I want to make into a chalkboard and try it. Great job!

  8. Great idea! I just bought a can of chalkboard paint today and can't wait to start using it!


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