We have been really working hard on the outside of our cottage now that the weather has gotten so nice in Minnesota. Integrating a garden while creating great curb appeal is our priority. My poor husband spent the weekend removing landscape rock the previous owners had spread in all the planting beds - a BIG job to say the least. Now the beds are ready for my favorite perennials, planting compost and mulch.

I have big plans for our little cottage. These pictures provided some great inspiration. A picket fence and some window boxes are definitely in our cottage's future!

Stay tuned for pictures of my Forever Cottage coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy some great outdoor spaces....

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3 comments on "Inspiration"
  1. Oh my! That first cottage is beautiful. I love the green screen door. Look forward to seeing your pictures.

  2. Love these photos. Looking forward to seeing what else you do with your cottage.


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