What a great way to celebrate my 50th post!

Here's the story, of a lovely lady, who had just moved with her family to Minnesota. Feeling lonely, and in between boxes of unpacking, she traveled to blogland. There she "met" lots of familiar faces who share her (healthy) obsession of "home-making". Feeling inspired and needing a new "challenge" she said, "I can do this, I can become one of these bloggers, the kind who share my passion for slipcovers, lamps, chandeliers, a good flea market, a great find, a good recipe to make for the family, sisal rugs, transferware, family pictures, painting and then repainting, gardening, organizing etc...

And then it happened, life got in the way of blogging. She tried to keep up and posted irregularly. She got 27 followers! And some nice comments to boot!

Now I promise to more....

Today, one of the bloggers who first inspired me, the fabulous Nester is having a Lampapalooza event and I am happy to join in. The Nester is really one of the big reasons I started my blog and she was nice enough in the beginning to give me some much needed words of encouragement. Thank you Nester!!!

This chandelier is my favorite light fixture in our cottage. I purchased it shortly after we moved to Minnesota. It is vintage French and worth every penny I spent (actually it was not that expensive). I love it. It is not unusual for me to switch out every light fixture in a home after we move in - I really think changing lighting can bring a dramatic change (for not much $$) in the look of a room. There is only one fixture in our current home that I did not change since we moved in a year ago.

I have many lamps in my home. I try to connect a couple lamps to an extension cord that plugs into an outlet that works off a switch. It makes it much easier to turn on and off multiple light fixtures in a room. I don't know about you, but I get a lot of grumbling from my husband if he is the last to go to bed and has to turn off all the lamps! A switch is an easy way to ease the task.

Now, I completely understand that I am not practicing energy efficiency in my home....however, I refuse to live with dimly lit, dark rooms. Just to let you know I am a BIG recycler, if that helps my case!

Lamps warm up spaces, make a home feel cozy, and done right, make YOU look fabulous!

Small lamps are great for bathrooms and counter tops. This vintage small Asian jar has been made into a small lamp and provides just the right light on my kitchen counter top next to my stove.

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11 comments on "What a great way to celebrate my 50th post!"
  1. Your chandy is a beauty! So French and frilly...I love it!

  2. Congrats on your 50th post! Your chandelier is to die for. Simply gorgeous!

  3. Oh I love your pictures. So pretty. Love your chandelier.

    Have a great day,


  4. Pretty kitchen vignette! I have the same birdie sugar bowl (and WISH I had that lamp to go with it!)

  5. Love your lamps!!! My hubby has all the lamps in our bedroom hooked up to remote control. He can turn on/off everything from the bed. He loves having all the power!!! lol.

  6. I found your blog through the nester. What a sweet home you have!! I love, love, love your girls bathroom. I have always wanted to make an old dry sink I have into a real sink. What a lovely job you guys have done to your cottage:)

  7. Your chandelier is beautiful!

  8. Beautiful chandy. Found you through the Nester, can't wait to explore!

  9. The chandelier is amazing. It is truly a beauty. Love the small lamp too. Love how a lamp like that can add just the right touch to a little area.


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