I'm addicted to......Bird/Nest stuff!

A couple weeks ago I admitted to my love of all things bird/nest related when it comes to decorative accessories. In the spirit of sharing, I thought I would come clean today and share pictures of how this addiction shows up in my cottage. I am serious, when out shopping/flea-tiquing etc...I sometimes have to stop myself from adding to this "collection". It can get a little out of control and I never want my house to look "theme-y" (yes, that is a word I just made up).

I love the vintage nest egg prints you can buy very inexpensively on ebay - and they certainly beat the many reproductions out there. I framed these in inexpensive frames from Michaels.

I have only one really nice piece of art in my cottage. I have always had trouble committing to art. My parents bought this wonderful painting of a nest for my birthday last year after I had seen it in a gallery (ok, a funky shoe store that was also showing this particular artists' work - because why go in a gallery when you can go in a shoe store and find fantastic art along with a fabulous pair of shoes?).

This is a favorite sign that sits on the shelf above the stove in my kitchen. I purchased this sign at a favorite monthly flea market in Oregon while movers were loading our truck that would move us across country. I also bought a "few" other treasures and had to call the movers to tell them not to leave until I returned and could load my purchases on the truck!

This sign has been hung somewhere in each of the last four homes we have lived in. I love the color.

In the Forever Cottage it hangs on the stairs leading to the mudroom along with lots of black and white pictures and other favorite items mixed in. I love mixing pictures with other items like signs, letters, vintage calligraphy samples, small botanical prints, small mirrors and anything in an interesting frame.

And finally. This sweet pillow was purchased at my favorite store, Anthropologie.

My cottage has this funny "nook" in our entry way. For now, I have this small bench with the pillow on it - a perfect place for the kids to put on their shoes before heading out to catch the bus!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day dear readers. I know I will pause this weekend and think of all the brave service people who have fought for our wonderful nation and those currently serving and keeping us safe. I am grateful.

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4 comments on "I'm addicted to......Bird/Nest stuff!"
  1. I love all your bird & nest stuff! I have a real robin's nest on my front door (she made a nest in my basket full of artificial flowers hanging on my front door). I've enjoyed watching her lay the eggs & watching them hatch!

  2. I love your nest and bird accessories! I LOVE that Nest plaque.

    That nook in your entry is TOOOO cute!

  3. What a wonderful testament to our men and women in arms! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!

  4. Love your birdie things! It's the perfect time of year! Jen


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