Ramona & Beezus

Have you seen it yet?

I grew up with Ramona and have really enjoyed sharing Beverly Cleary's books with my girls.

So, on a perfectly beautiful summer day, I took my girls to see the Ramona & Beezus movie. It exceeded my expectations - sweet, charming, funny, with many "teachable" moments thrown in for good measure.

Happy Thursday, dear friends!
10 comments on "Ramona & Beezus"
  1. My 15 year old (huge Selena Gomez fan) took her little sister on Tuesday to see it. All by themselves which I though was a sweet thought. I hope to see it next week.

  2. I didn't even know this was a movie! SO FUN! I loved Ramona books when I was a kid - can't wait to see it!

    I run on Klickitat Street three nights a week (I live four blocks from Klickitat) and look at the houses and imagine which one Ramona is living in :)

  3. I too grew up reading the books...can't wait to take my 6 year old daughter to see it. Sounds like a fun afternoon:)

  4. I have to go and see it, my girls looooove Selena Gomez

  5. Is it appropriate for my 6 & 5 year old boys? They have loved the Henry Huggins books and I think they'd like it, but would love advice!

  6. i'm taking little bit next week & have heard the same!

  7. My kids really love Selena Gomez. I am sure that if I bring them in that amazing event they will be very happy. Thank you for posting it.

  8. PS - It's going to be my honor to bump you to 400!!!

  9. Hi Jill! Just
    realized that you
    co-blog a couple
    that I follow, so
    I'll have to mark
    this one, too! I
    am heading out from
    MN to WA next week
    and although my "baby"
    is 11, my 15 year old
    wants us all to go see
    this while we are there,
    since she grew up
    with these books!
    Glad the review is a
    thumbs up!
    xx Suzanne

  10. Hey Jill!! The new look to your blog is fantastic!!! I really like it! The Summer is flying by...I hope you are enjoying yours :)

    Could you recommend which hotel you think would be our best bet for staying at for Junk Bonanza? Jen and I and a few others are gonna make the trek up...any help would be appreciated!


    :) T


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