V is for Victory!

Shopping home decor stores is seriously one of my favorite hobbies....like some people like to run long distances, or decoupage...

On the rare occasions I find myself with a few hours all to myself, my mind instantly begins thinking about where I can go to check out some great home accessories (when really I should be folding laundry, but who wants to do THAT in their free time?).

Like our favorite magazines, retail home stores have also had a tough time in this economy. So if I may, I would like to turn this otherwise shallow post, into a "teachable moment" (if only for a moment). So here it goes, - run ladies, to your nearest home decor store and BUY something. And let me just say, I am not talking Home Goods and TJ Marshalls, I am talking Suzy's boutique from down the street. Suzy needs your biz.

Ok, off my soap box!

We have a lovely home decor store in Minneapolis called Victory. Victory's owner is a self taught interior designer (hmmm.....I DO think they are the best, no one can teach you style and instinct, you either got it or you don't) and fills her shop with luxury pillows, European vintage pieces (think gorgeous settee's), and small decorative objects and collectibles. she also has fabulous lighting!

I visited Victory this week, can you tell?

I thought I would take you along, cause couldn't we all use a little inspiration. Victory is full of inspiring vignettes.

And because Victory appeals to a high-end design client, I mostly go there just for inspiration, cause this chick isn't a high-end design client....nope, I am not.

But, I have a few carefully chosen pieces from this store in my cottage, cause this chick DOES believe in mixing high-end with flea market finds, and mass-retail goods (think Pottery Barn, Home Goods, TJ Marshalls)....it's truly what makes my cottage unique.
9 comments on "V is for Victory!"
  1. Like you said you either got it or ya don't. I think she's got it!
    Lovely shop and lovely things.
    If I lived nearby I would be there for some inspiration myself.

    Thanks for the lovely photos.


  2. I too go to our local boutiques when I get the chance. I find wonderful vignettes and a ton of inspiration. I try to find a gift for someone as well, if it is in the budget. Beautiful store.

  3. Good show plugging the local spots. Sounds like a lovely spot to while away a summer day. Cheers - Kathy

  4. Great blog... my wife and I love to support our local shops, but unfortunately this current economy has made several of our wonderful shops close. We MUST support our local shops, they are ran by our neighbors, friends, and they are trying to eek out a living by offering us unigue and wonderful items that we cannot otherwise find in this big box, all the same retail environment we find ourselves in today. So I thank you for showing us a wonderful shop that is artfully displayed and if we lived anywhere near we would definetly stop by and shop.
    blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  5. I love this post, I always have tried to the best of my ability to support the local shoppes near me, I think it is so important and befriending them is also a nice way to encourage their success!! uhm, am I missing something or do you have photos of your cute cottage on your blog? If so please direct me there!! :)

  6. Shopping the local boutiques is my most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world!!!:-)

    We have a few here in Michigan that I dream of visiting on a daily basis. Whenever I go, I always seem to have my daughters in tow. Sigh. One of these days!:)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    BTW... I am grabbing your button!:)

  7. so true!!
    her shop looks fabulous. i love the tall candle sticks all together...gorgeous!

  8. Jill...that is a beautiful store. I wish we had something like that here in my town. We have all the big name chains like HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx. Dont get me wrong those are my FAVORITE store and I frequent them very often. Just like you said, if I have a little spare time (I have 5kids so not much of that happening..lol) I do run to Home Goods and just wonder the aisles looking for inspiration and usually pop into the clearance aisles and leave me a few bargains. Ive been decorating family/friends houses for a while and I dont believe you have to go to school. If people like your taste and your home then I think your ahead of the pack. - Glad I found your blog.

  9. that store looks amazing!!!
    i like your blog roll. :)
    and that you are friends with kasey.
    you are both lucky girls with fabulous taste!


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