Ramblings about the 4th of July......

Can it be the fourth of July already?

How can that be.....

I admire all you mothers of school-aged children who look forward to your summers with your children full-time.....

But I admit....I am not a member of your club.....and I am ok with that....

Don't get me wrong, I love my girls and love spending oodles of time with them....I have been an at-home mom since my big girl was born (almost 12 years ago) so I feel like I have plenty of full-time, pack the day with fun experience under my belt, so to speak.

I am here to tell you, once the little angels are in school full-time you kind of get used to having the days to yourself....doing whatever.you.feel.like. In the interest of full disclosure, my days are spent at yoga or the gym, Target, Trader Joe's, Cub Foods....or on glamourous days, Anthro, an occasional sale or antique store.... Not too exciting but, the days are mine, all mine.

But back to the 4th of July....perhaps I can't believe it's here because this summer has been, dare I say, enjoyable. I think it has something to do with my girls' ages and being more independent...

I thought these (red/white/blue) images from Coastal Living provided some festive eye candy for ya'll....as we all prepare for our firework festivities! We are staying home, celebrating in our little community of Cottagewood with a bike parade, carnival, cookout and then dinner with friends and fireworks over the lake. Don't you worry, I will have lots of pictures to share on Monday....

I am entertaining this weekend and contemplating what to cook on the grill....thinking it may be pork tenderloins with a yummy salsa to top it off.

What about you? What do you cook for a crowd? I know it varies by region, so I would love to hear where you are from!

And because I am just sentimental this way, A BIG thanks to those that served, or are currently serving in our military. It seems we have lost our perspective for just how much our liberty and freedoms are important to our way of life. Let this July 4th be a reminder of what has been sacrificied by so many so we may enjoy so much!
7 comments on "Ramblings about the 4th of July......"
  1. Jill- Your holiday weekend sounds yummy! As for me..I'll be lounging at the beach in South Carolina- North Myrtle Beach to be exact! We'll have Shrimp at least once, I love it! Big Beach Breakfasts of Pancakes and such...a picnic on the beach that will last ALL DAY! and then a nice early evening cocktail on the porch to watch the fireworks! Wish I was there right now!! Have a safe and happy 4th! Tammy :-)

  2. Love the red white and blue rooms! A quiet 4th for us. Husband, sons and daughter's family are all traveling. Odd to have them all gone at once! We'll miss the family cook out. Girls & I will have small celebration ending with watching fireworks from the front porch. Thankful for those service members who serve us so well!

  3. Hi Jill, love these photos, all the blue red and white are freshing!! sounds like a great weekend, enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Wishing you and your family a very happy (and independent) 4th!! Here in Seattle, we are just hoping for sunny skies. I'll be scouring my favorite flea market in the morning, then we'll be bbqing ~ in rainboots most likely :) But it's a day to be thankful for those service men & women, that's for sure!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing the photos! They are beautiful! I just ordered my firt subscription to Coastal Living. . . and I am looking so forward to it! Have a wonderful weekend, I so enjoy your blog!

  6. What great photos and that great red kitchen... Happy Fourth!


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