these are a few of my favorite things....

it's summer and all...and i am not like lots of you over-achieving gals who get lots pillows sewn, furniture painted, rooms re-decorated (for like $13.99) and thus have lots of fresh blog material to impress the masses with....

i do however, still do a bit of shopping...cause i do have my priorities...

when kasey was in town, we did manage to visit one favorite shop in my hometown....

i saw these french vocabulary cards first, i swear i did...

no, i did not have to wrestle them from kasey's french loving hands....i swear!

they happen to be a complete set....and in mint condition....

i won't even tell you what kasey bought, you'll have to ask her yourself....

oh, i know some of you are all excited about the "new" issue of Country Home magazine that is out of newsstands and i happen to know that it is really just recyled content dressed up in a shiny new cover (and i happen to be the kind of pack rat who already has all the back issues of Country Home, thank you very much), so i have taken to loving on my decorating books and recently began to expand my library.

i know this book happens to be a favorite for lots of you. i have enjoyed savoring every page of delicious white decor!

i also have to mention that yours truly was contacted by a local magazine to be interviewed about what i think are essentials to cottage decor...no, i am not kidding. got me sort of thinking about lots of things to share with you....and where to go with the whole vintage/styling/writing thing i got going.....kind of exciting i should say.....

things are in the works....i look forward to sharing them with all of you....in due time....first i must get over my aversion to talking about myself....

what are your favorite things these days? oh, and i would also love to hear what all of you think of when you think of essentials for cottage decor?
14 comments on "these are a few of my favorite things...."
  1. Hi Jill!
    I saw that Country Home magazine today in Safeway, looked through it, thought it looked good, then saw the price.....yowza! $12 or some such nonsense, the only magazines I pay big bucks for are the Stampington ones, thank you very much!
    Promptly put it back on the shelf....
    hmmmm, essentials for cottage decor? Well, that would have to be painted furniture, wire anything, flowers, wicker, plants, and a dog.

  2. i just think you are adorable Jill. Love your blog. Congratulations on all the exciting things happening to you. Some of my favourite things at the moment are the farmers market and our porch. I want a big ol' porch swing. Good luck!

  3. Sounds like you have lots of fun things going on. Good for you!
    My favorite things right now are the vintage plates and framed artworks I've been playing around with trying to find new homes for them here in my home. It's too hot to go out right now so I have to play indoors :)

  4. Congrats to you Jill! Talk away! Enjoy it~! :) Great cards!

  5. Love your blog so much! Can't wait to get my hands on that magazine! Thanks for bringing it to our attention...Very cool!

  6. Love your post...and your attitude! I live in a 1000 sq. ft. cottage( 1/3 the size of our family home) I love the bright white walls and ceilings, many windows and my view of the lake from most of them. My bookshelves are filled with every single cottage related book I could find, either new or used from BN. I could go on and on about how much I love cottage life.

  7. i have loved your blog header & now after seeing pics from your wonderful weekend i realize that is YOUR pink cruiser...now i love it even more!

    congrats on the magazine gig.that's just awesome!

    & congrats on the french cards. great score!

  8. I am SO very happy for you...not just because you grabbed those cards from right underneath me...nope...bet because you are just plain fabulous.
    love ya.

  9. Lovely blog!
    I will link you on my blog and I'd like to invite you to visite also my blog :D

    Laura from Italy

  10. oh girl, sounds like some exciting things on the horizon for you!!! Congrats!! love the cards!

  11. Such exciting things going on for you Jill! Can't wait to hear about it all! I shelled out the $12.99 for the "new" Country Home, got all comfy with a icy beverage, only to find that I have already seen most of the stories! Grrr..

  12. Congrats on the interview and the french cards. It's always hard to shop with friends that like the same things... :) My favorite magazine will always be French Country, but I will take a chance and check out Country Home. I am new to blogging... just added you to my favorites!

  13. I'm shaking my
    head because I
    fell hook, line
    and sinker for
    that Country Home
    mag just yesterday....
    Rationale being
    that it's no longer
    in print {and was
    hands down my fave}!
    Congrats on your
    upcoming interview
    and pursuing your
    passions ~ in lovely
    Cottagewood, no less!
    xx Suzanne

  14. Love the French vocab cards. Good luck with the interview! My favorite thing right now is a vintage metal and leather chair I bought at an auction house in my hometown. Now, to find a cute loveseat to match as I outfit my new apartment.


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