we interrupt our regularly scheduled....

Just what a busy mom needs during the summer months. I gave myself a time-out yesterday and stole some time wandering a favorite Minneapolis antiques store, Hunt & Gather on Xerxes Avenue.

I highly recommend it.

Nothing recharges my battery, so to speak, like wandering an antiques store.

Guess what? I only spent $9.40!

On what you ask?

I bought some of the old sign letters pictured above for the corkboard in my kitchen. The letters I bought spell out "Be Kind".......Later I realized that the reason I bought the "Be Kind" letters was to remind my children to be kind to one another....exactly the reason I needed my time-out in the first place.
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  1. Hi jill, I love my time outs too!! and I bought some of those letters from the queen of tarte at farm chicks and I love them, I have love, but your saying is perfect!! hope the summer is treating you well, enjoy! xo

  2. Ooh I love those old sign numbers.
    Be Kind will be a great reminder to everyone who reads it.


  3. I need that for my four children too, and for me to remember why I love them. It is good to get a breather everynow and again. I can find that it only takes an hour or so...more if time allows.

  4. Hi Jill....!!

    GLAD to hear you enjoyed some YOU TIME....!!

    Hunt & Gather looks AWESOME....I'll be visiting them for sure when I hit town for the Junk Bonanza....WOOHOO....!

    Tamarah :o)

  5. Looks like my kind of place! That bowl full of rubber stamps and the chairs in the last pic are especially intriguing but, I have to say, I'd have probably come home with letters too. Love the letters you chose-and the reason. Have your kids rearranged them yet to spell other words? That's what mine would have done! And sent the lesson I was trying to teach right down the drain!

  6. Looks like a dream store!


  7. My daughter and I just got back from a mini junk jaunt in Minneapolis and went to Hunt & Gather. That store knocked my socks (I mean flip flops) off! Why is it when I see a bunch of letters I can never think of anything to say? But I still bought a few (dozen)!

  8. I love old numbers & letters! Well really I love lots of old things:)
    What great finds!!


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