manic monday....

In my opinion, nature doesn't put on as dramatic a show in the Fall
here in the Pacific Northwest as it does in the midwest, or even on the east coast
- too many evergreen trees, not enough oak trees and maples.......however,
the season lasts well into November!  This is the view
from my front porch today....

Today was my second Monday as a working girl.....and it was better.

Except I came home to a sick puppy dog....

Poor boy.....we think he ate something he shouldn't have.....

Happy Monday!
8 comments on "manic monday...."
  1. jill,
    oh sorry to hear about your sweet boy being ill.
    glad you had a good monday.
    we are back from france visiting family.
    back to work now....

  2. so lovely here isn't it? sorry to hear about your pooch. hope he feels better soon. xoxo

  3. Hello there!
    Glad to find a new fellow Pacific NW friend! Just brought some branches inside today, hope your pup gets well soon...

    Happy Autumn Days,
    Deb @ Garden Party :)

  4. Poor puppy! Hope he feels better soon!Hugs

  5. Congrats on your new job! They are lucky to have found you! Happy Thanksgiving! Ki

  6. I hope he's better now..he definitely looked a bit pale! Robx
    p.s. I'm browsing thru your older posts.

  7. Jill - I am new to your blog, having floated over from Urban Farmgirl.

    Silly question I know, with all the decorating topics, etc., but may I ask what kind of dog you have? He looks like a Doodle or Wheatland? Did you get him in Oregon? He is absolutely adorable! I am enjoying your site. Thanks,

  8. Cyndi,

    Isaac is a goldendoodle {miniature}. He is 8 years old and we got him from a wonderful breeder on the east coast {we actually got our second doodle from her as well} - www.goldendoodles.net.


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