Momma goes to work.....

Tomorrow is the day.....
after 14 years as a SAHM, this momma
returns to part-time professional work.....

I am excited....
and ready!

As women, we are blessed.   I got to go to college and major in business,
meet my love, get married, enjoy a successful career along with a "double income, no kids" life
for 7 years before our first baby came along.  Then for 14 years I got to 
be a full-time mommy.....

And now, I get to go back, on a part-time basis
to the career that I loved and fulfilled me in ways that laundry 
and making beds just can't.

I promised more of my story.....and I will deliver, it's long and needs 
editing....requiring time I did not seem to find this weekend I spent raking
leaves under a beautiful Northwest sun and cheering on my first baby's soccer
team who just happened to be crowned Oregon Premier League Champs!

Be back soon!
12 comments on "Momma goes to work....."
  1. Oh wow Jill, that is big news! I can't wait to hear more. I hope tomorrow is a great day!

  2. Jill, best of luck to you!!! I go back tomorrow as well after 13 years. Bitter sweet for me but feeling blessed as well. So many people are with out work. Can't wait to hear how you work it all out. I am nervous about the juggling. ~ Molly

  3. Enjoy!! Sounds exciting! You are going to have a blast!
    Congrats to your soccer teams' win!

  4. i hope your first day of work is a success!!

  5. Have a great first day! Soak it all in like warm sun on your face!

  6. Great to hear your and Emma's big news.

  7. best of luck! i'm sure you will do great! enjoy yourself!

    ashley over @

  8. Oh I just love your blog!! I just found it on Fleur cottage, I think. Beautiful foyer in a previous post. Congrats on the new job. I've been home so long, I would have a difficult time going back to my "real" job (engineering). I miss it, but my current schedule allows me to do things I love, like enjoying your blog. I am a new follower.

  9. Hope your first
    week was successful
    and that your new
    job fills that spot
    inside that was drawn
    back to the work
    that you love!

    xx Suzanne

  10. I think your husband seems quite handy!

  11. Best of luck. I'm a working girl and I know how good it feels to be appreciated at work. It gives us a feeling of achievement. It tells us who we are.

    I wish you all the luck in the world.


  12. Great to see you gaining independence in your life.


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