My preciousness.

It has been quite a week........and as much as I am keeping up
with the many activities of the season, my heart is heavy
and thoughts reeling with the events of the last week.

First, our mall shooting in Oregon - just on the other 
side of our beloved Portland.....innocent victims
doing what I had done earlier in the day, shopping
for Christmas presents for loved ones.

Then, the unthinkable events in Connecticut just the 
morning after our k-8 grade school's Christmas program.
My mom and I had admired our school's first graders
in their holiday finest as they sang all the familiar 
Christmas songs at the top of their sweet little lungs.
To think of what happened to children of that same
age, so young and innocent the very next morning
across our country is hard to take.  My girl's are 10 and 14
but have had lots of questions that I do not quite have
answers for.  I hugged my big girl extra tight when
she asked me, "mom, how could that killer
look at those sweet faces that were probably so scared and 
pull the trigger?"  What do you say to that?

On Saturday we travelled to Bend, Oregon to
attend a memorial service that was a 
celebration of a life well lived, for a man who focused 
his life on the important
 - family, faith and friends.  It was a fitting
service with those who loved him most.

Being a glass-is-half-full kind of girl, I am trying to 
find the good in how the bad may be affecting us.

Today, I saw the good in strangers who met
my eyes with a smile, the gentleman who held the 
door open for me at the post office, the
friendly faces on holiday cards in today's mail, the cute
elderly gentleman on the treadmill next to me at the
gym who struggled to get himself on the machine but 
once up and 'running' he walked slow and steady.

I'm thinking his pace was perfect.....slow and steady.

4 comments on "Gifts......"
  1. So hard to see the light through all this fog these days.Many Blessings and Prayers for strength and healing for those who have lost their loved ones.

    Our loved ones are the most important that's for sure.

    Darling Photo of your Girl's~Kim

  2. Hugs friend. None of it makes sense. We just have to believe good will ultimately overcome that evil. I had you in my thoughts and prayers after hearing of that mall shooting. So senseless...

  3. Continue to see the light. It always shines bright in the dark...

  4. Your gifts are
    precious and
    growing up fast.

    Hug them tight.

    It does help to
    look for the best
    in others, after
    seeing the worst.

    Love & Hugs,
    xo Suzanne


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