O Christmas tree.....

Here she is .....in all her Charlie Brown tree goodness.
If it were up to me we would always have a natural tree.

I have collected Christopher Radko ornaments for many years
and they just hang beautifully on a sparse tree.

Please come back on Wednesday, I have another 
really fun giveaway!

So, is your tree up yet?

11 comments on "O Christmas tree....."
  1. Our tree is up since last thursday but, ours is an artificial tree. I have bad allergies so about 15 years ago we switched to artificial. I miss the smell of real ones but, that is ALL I miss. LOL I like yours though it looks awesome. My post on my blog has a pic of our tree this year too. :)

  2. Oh I love Chris Radko haven't seen them for years.The tree looks fabulous!

    I do not have my tree up yet, hope to this weekend.

    ~Cheers Kim

  3. My tree isn't up just yet, but I'm aiming for this weekend. I can't wait! Your tree is beautiful!

  4. Yep my tree is up and decorated. Love it!

  5. I love your Charlie Brown Tree. I so want a real tree.... just no space... I am consedering getting a small one in a pot for my kitchen.. Your home is lovely!

  6. LOVE your tree...thinking maybe next year we should go to the Tomlinson land and find a tree like this! Our tree is up...it is HUGE! Seth and Isaac picked it out this year. Miss you.

  7. Your tree is beautiful! I love that you were able to cut your own from a forest in the mountains. Our tree has been sitting in a bucket of water on the deck for over a week now since I have not found any time to decorate it yet. Crossing my fingers it gets done this weekend.

  8. Love it! We have a charlie brown tree about every other year. on the off years we have vintage white (ok, dirty white) tree. Love this one!

  9. I love getting to see photos of your house. That window was just made for your tree. So pretty!

    More photos please! :)

  10. My favourite tree is the Charlie Brown version. We usually go into the woods to cut down our tree and you never know what you will come out with. I find that the decorations really stand out on these types of trees.


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