More Christmas....

Thank you so much for all your kind words about
my understated Christmas decorating....it warmed my
heart!  It is sometimes hard opening blogs
and feeling like you just don't measure up....
So often I find myself thinking, "Look, she had time to
bake and build a gingerbread house, home-school her
seven children, make her own wrapping paper,
decorate five themed trees AND record
and post 3 different Christmas craft tutorials.......
why can't I?

I realized I neglected to show my staircase - so thought 
I would share today.....Maybe we don't have 
a tree in our great room this year, but we have
a staircase decorated with garland!

As an added bonus....how about a photo of our perfectly imperfect
tree at night?  Wait!  Are those wrapped presents I see????
Why yes, yes they are!

11 comments on "More Christmas...."
  1. Beautiful ~
    I love it all!

    How do you
    keep your lovely
    cedar garland
    fresh until
    Christmas? I'm
    always tempted
    to use fresh inside,
    but mine seems to
    dry out FAST! Tips,

    xo Suzanne

    PS: So glad you and
    yours were not at the
    mall yesterday. What
    a terrible tragedy.

  2. It is all absolutely lovely. I appreciate and prefer the touches of greenery around the house at Christmas along with the various bulbs sprouting here and there. I love your tree....my favourite kind.

  3. Beautiful! Your stairs are amazing! Love the pictures going up!

  4. I so feel the same way! Your simple decor is beautiful and your tree is so sweet so don't stress out about it! It's all good!!

  5. oh wow I love what you are doing
    on the staircase wall! Everything
    looks wonderful.

  6. I love your tree - it looks very traditional English!

  7. I'm loving the greenery on the stairs and am still adoring your ticking stripe chair.

  8. Your tree is just darling. I would give up all my fake trees if my husband would let me have a real one again. Don't let anyone make you feel like you are not doing enough, your home is just darling and I like all your Christmas touches.

  9. Ha! Decorated presents huh? Ha!
    Did you homeschool your kids? Bet you did....!!!! Your tree is so cute and the staircase is wonderful

  10. that's your house? oh my how nice! that is the kind of tree I have always wanted... really. but instead my husband always brings home the largest tree, this years is 11ft, I can't stand it.


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