Get Ready for a Giveaway!

My guilt has gotten the best of me...

I am sorry to have burdened all of you with my ongoing complaints about the snow and winter here at my Minnesota cottage.

I owe you BIG TIME....

for your words of encouragment...

and faithful visits...

and most of all inspiration!

I have a spring-time inspired giveaway planned for tomorrow.

So please visit! I promise, you won't be disappointed, tell all your friends!

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5 comments on "Get Ready for a Giveaway!"
  1. oooohhh a giveaway huh? Spring giveaway - even better! won't all the new spring decorating be FUN?? See you tomorrow!

  2. Love giveaways, I'll be back tomorrow!

  3. You know what Jill? You deserve to complain about this Winter. Even us diehard born and raised Minnesotans are sick of Winter 09-10. Hang in there, the Spring and Summers are what we live for. lol

  4. I think we are all ready for winter to be over and what are friends for if we can't blow off steam to them!



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