Tuesday musings from a snowy cottage.....

I know...

this is supposed to be an inspiring decorating blog...

not a "complain about the relentless, never-ending, must shovel the driveway once again and then go complain some more about it" blog...

I promise, this is it!

Yesterday we got another 12 inches of lovely snow at the cottage...

These two sweet girls certainly weren't complaining....

Sort of makes their momma enjoy it too...

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9 comments on "Tuesday musings from a snowy cottage....."
  1. Kids always have so much fun in the snow. Where along the line do we lose that?? I'm in IL right now and have to admit...not having that much fun! ;o) Love the dogs, so cute...and your porch, too! Lovely...even if it is covered in snow! ~mary~

  2. Your front porch is darling - snow & all!! It looks like my cottage in the background of the first photo with the bench...too bad we're not neighbors - could you imagine what we'd create together!!
    Yep - no complaining about the snow - heading off for a cup of cocoa!

  3. I'm not complaining about the snow, though I chose not to drive in it today. But boy, was my hubby crabby. He's tired of driving in it the shoveling, and we have a snow blower. So I have to say, please God, no more snow...please? I need spring :)

    PS Darling kids, dogs and porch!

  4. Children and their anticipation of fresh snow falling, no school, sledding, hot cocoa etc... All these things change our perspective, at least for a brief moment, until it is time to shovel or drive in it. I do prefer it to sleet or freezing rain though.
    Your girls and dogs are sooo cute and I just love your front porch.
    Have a great snowy day.

  5. I love your house, and your little girls and the dogs are all adorable.Let's hope for an early Spring!

  6. Love your pictures, I'm a summer girl myself, but just remember to cherish your life's moments. Lezlee

  7. You've gotta love snow... for ONE day. Then I'm ready for some sunshine. Your images however make it look pretty darn fun.

  8. Love your pics! Your girls are adorable...wish I could enjoy the snow like they do. Heard today that 49 of our 50 states ALL have snow...WOW! I am glad I left out a few garden items for the winter, a nice reminder of warmer days to come....


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