Good Enough...

Good afternoon, and happy Friday to everyone! It has been just too long since my last post...and I got such nice inspirational comments on my giveaway, and then nice comments and wishes regarding my grandma. Thank you for all the blogland love - it really is a wonderful community!

I have been asked more than a few times to share more pictures of my home on this blog and I know I should.

And when I think about why I don't.....

while being completely honest....

all I can come up with is that I don't feel it won't measure up....

That my house is not "good enough"...

That my house is not "done"....yet(although, who am I kidding, that will never happen)....

That is awful isn't it?

Making a home is one of my passions....

my loves...

and yes, somedays my shallow, reason for living!

So today, I thought I would take a baby step and show you some of my favorite things....pictures I took of objects around my house that sort of 'define' my style, if you will....

Oh, that first pictures is of some old typesetting letters I got when I first started blogging. They sit on the secretary where I keep my laptop, and the spot where most of my postings are composed. Yes, I know the "b" is really a "d".

Books, they are definitely a big part of my home. I have collected books devoted to interiors and decorating for the last 20 years. This collection of books tell the story of how my decorating tastes have evolved over time. Right now, I am loving the inspiration found in this book!

I love old mirrors, especially ones with etching on them. This one I love most because it has etching plus a great chippy old frame....ahh.....

One might think I live near the beach when they come into my home because I have lots of shells, starfish and sea fans....

And while I do live in a lake neighborhood, I am a west coast girl and miss being able to walk a beach and find a wonderful shell or starfish! Having these objects in my home make me feel closer to the oceans and beaches I love.

I love me a french chair, the more carving the better! I have a matching set of two french chairs covered in linen that I purchased years ago for a steal. When living in Pennsylvania there was a gorgeous home near me - sort of the perfect stone cottage with beautiful gardens surrounding it. One day while driving by I noticed they were have a "tag sale" - I seriously heard myself gasp, knowing that I would have the opportunity to actually go onto the property. Well, it was quite something - think "high-class" hoarders. Apparently, the woman who lived in the home was a hoarder of all things fabulous - and specialized in french antiques, chippy cabinets, benches, mirrors, tables etc... The entire detached garage was FILLED floor to ceiling with beautiful furnishings! It was a bit overwhelming but I managed to pick up a few wonderful things, including these chairs. I also got a tour of the home - still one of the most spectacular homes I have ever been in.

I have a collection of cream iron garden urns. I use urns both inside and outside. I love drying hydrageas from my garden and filling these urns with them in the winter.

Birds, what can I say....I have many, probably too many birds, nests and references to nesting and birds in and around my home. Call me the "crazy bird lady".

Along those lines....I love this old bird cage I picked up at a flea market years ago. What I put in it changes, right now it has a Santo statue, an old bingo card and a cloche with a nest under it.

Relatively new to my collecting repetoire are french peasant statues.


Good question, can I get back to you on that?

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23 comments on "Good Enough..."
  1. Oh my gosh, Jill! Are you serious?! What you have shown is gorgeous! That last pictures shows a peek to a fabulous home if you ask me. I totally covet that lamp. May I ask...was that from Restoration Hardware?? You just have to show more...but I know what you mean about being nervous to show your home, I'm right there with you! So many beautiful homes here in blogland...but really it comes down to what you love...not everyone else. ~mary~

  2. You have lovely things! I know what you are saying about not measuring up to others as I feel the same way, but everyone is kind as well as curious around blog land!

  3. Jill,

    I think we share the same perfectionist "problem". I had the same anxiety two years ago when I was considering entering a "little decorating contest".

    The glimpse into your home is GORGEOUS. I can't wait to see more!

  4. You need to just STOP IT! You need to remember why you do this and to not sweat the SMALL stuff... I so often feel this way, that I do not have the STYLE that says hey your blog is AWESOME, or my stuff is not WORTHY... and then I remember we/it is all work in progress.You know I LOVE so many STYLES that it makes my head turn and I have ADD and can't even seem to figure out what I want to do in my home... you should see how many pieces need to be painted. I sometimes feel that blogging puts me under waaaaay to much PRESSURE and then I get DOWN and then I get UP... So keep focused and stay busy and it will come together and your look will be fabulous :) I hope you have a great weekend.


  5. Hi Jill!!! I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did! Your list of things you love is MY list of things I love too! I have really enjoyed looking at all your previous posts. I don't know why you are afraid to show your home. From the photos you've shown us it looks beautiful. Besides so much of the fun of blogging is sharing the process. We all LOVE before and after photos! I would like to add you to my sidebar and share your blog with the folks who read my blog. (You don't mind a few new friends visiting do you???)

    My Desert Cottage

  6. more, more, more!!! You must give us more!! I love what you've shown... oh and that hoarders tag sale~ those are the things I dream about (much to my husband's dismay). I just love your style!
    Jen @ homesweetseattle

  7. Um, ok...WHY aren't you showing us more of your lovely home??? From the snapshots you've shared with us, your home looks GORGEOUS! WOW! Please share more! And I'll echo Mary's question about your lamps in the last pic...please, where? Love the style you have, it mirrors some of my own style loves.

  8. Are you kidding? The pictures are gorgeous! Sometimes I feel the same way ~ but we're all different and that's the beauty. Looking at others projects and homes, helps me define and refine how I want to live and what I want to live with. Now you've teased us - we definately all want to see more because those little glimpses look beautiful!

  9. Hi Jill! Seriously girl, you should not be even slightly hesitant to share your home! These pictures show beautiful style! I can't wait to see more!

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Your home looks absolutely lovely to me!


  11. maybe i can see it in person one day?

  12. I enjoyed this post for many reasons. I,too,am passionate about my home. Looking at your photos, I think we have very similar taste. I love "The New French Decor"---a great source of inspiration. Hope you'll keep showing us more pix of your house.

  13. I sure love what I have seen so far.

  14. I'm LOVING what I see thus far. Show it all-have no fear. All that really matters is what you love and the comfort your home brings you. If one or two don't like your style, who cares! As long as you and your family do then that is all that matters. But from what I have seen with these little peeks I have a huge feeling that everyone in blog land will adore your home to the max. Please oh please show the rest.

  15. Very pretty! Love seeing the details... I'll bet those chairs are beyond gorgeous.

  16. Just from the favorite things you showed...I love it! I know want to see so much more! Those carvings on the chairs...to die for! I too am a crazy bird lady...and love it. :) Thanks for giving us a peek into your home and love your style!


  17. I'm not quite sure why you were so hesitant to share - the pictures you have shared indicate a beautiful style and home! Two paws up - share more please! I am loving your site AND the pictures you share with us!

  18. Oh how I worry much about the same:)...your home is just gorgeous though! It really is and looks fantastic!!!!

  19. I just found your lovely blog and am so happy that I did! I love the sneak peeks of your beautiful home! So many lovely vintage treasures and so artfully displayed! I really hope you will share more of your home in the future!

  20. Love the tease, Jill, but I have to see more! Please? Those chairs look like they are to die for. Thanks for sampling . . .

  21. I love to see people's homes not to critique them but to see how everyone has their own style and learn what I can from them. Don't be afraid of blogland, anyone who criticizes doesn't belong here!! This is your blog and you get to post what YOU love!

  22. PS. Just noticed we have lived in some of the same places! Such a small world!!'


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